Herron Todd White has partnered with Greenfleet to reduce its carbon footprint, resulting in more than 6,000 native trees being planted.

HTW, which is one of the largest independent property valuation and advisory groups in Australia, analysed its carbon emissions and found that staff travel to complete valuations was one of its greatest areas of impact.

Its valuers travelled about 12 million kilometres by car a year, which translated to approximately 3,900 tonnes of CO2-e.

HTW said more than 6,000 native trees would be planted as a result of its new partnership with Greenfleet and that its leaders were committed to creating and advancing meaningful action in response to climate change.

“At Herron Todd White, recognise that we and our profession can play an important leadership role in driving this agenda,” HTW Chief Executive Officer Gary Brinkworth said.

“We are excited and humbled by feedback from our partnership with Greenfleet and look forward to finding ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.”

Greenfleet is a not-for-profit environmental organisation that helps to protect the climate by restoring forests.

For more than 25 years, Greenfleet has partnered with Australian organisations to plant more than 9.6 million native trees across more than 500 forests.

The forests are legally protected for up to 100 years to ensure they can grow for future generations.

Photo: HTW CEO Gary Brinkworth (left) and Greenfleet CEO Wayne Wescott (right).