M3 Property CEO David Martin says the company’s new look and branding reflects its evolution, as well as its vision and growth strategy.  

The national business has refreshed its logo, website and branding, shifting from its red, black and grey design to a new blue branding. 

Martin told ANZPJ that the new look was fresh and modern, and represented the company’s independence, specialisation and quality.  

“As a business, we wanted to make sure our brand aligned with our vision and growth strategy,” he said.  

“This brand aligns with the value that we bring to businesses and to our clients, and reflects the progression of the business itself.  

“We’ve gone through some growth and we’ve got a real focus on that growth being through collaboration, not just internally but externally as well.  

“We want to convey that this business is evolving.” 

Martin said the new branding would also help them appeal to newcomers to the industry at a time when the industry was focused on attracting and retaining talent. 

“We’ve added quite a number of young people to our business in recent years and provided some fantastic career advancement for those people within our business,” he said.  

“We’re looking to continue that growth story and our brand refresh will make it clear to young people looking for a place to work that we have a modern mindset… and that we offer a proactive workplace where they can develop their career.” 


The brand refresh comes after the valuation and advisory group combined its different state businesses together into one company in 2020.  

The group partnered with design agency Atollon to deliver the new look and design. 


Atollon Creative Director Tim Meyer said M3’s brand strategy was to enhance and align the perception of the M3 brand in the market to truly reflect who they were, and what they did best.  

“This positioning shift puts them ahead of the curve, as the progressive and independent brand; slick, modern, and smart,” Meyer said.  

“The strategy informs a brand direction which is reflective of the business M3 has become and prepares them for the future.” 

Martin said M3’s board had been fantastic with the rebranding as well.  

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve added an independent director to the board, so the board is continuing to evolve and the governance of the business is really strong and that’s putting us in a great position to continue our growth story as well,” Martin said.