For Sydney valuer Michael Di Veroli, his valuation firm has become something of a family affair, with his parents joining him to help grow the business.

Di Veroli has been running his own valuation firm, Di Veroli Property Group, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney for the past five years. 

But the valuer, who has worked in the industry for more than a decade, has brought his parents Esther and Alex into the fold to help grow the firm. 

Business has boomed during COVID for Di Veroli, but he has struggled to find the staff to help him meet the high levels of demand. 

In order to keep up with business demand, the valuer has also brought in early-career valuers and contractors to help out.  

“The business has gotten quite big, it’s been a very crazy time,” he said.

“I was really comfortable with a small nest egg, but word of mouth has been growing the business a lot.” 

It comes at a time when property valuation and advisory firms, big and small, have found it increasingly tough to recruit valuers across the country.  

“My Mum has come into the business to help with admin like creating files, quality assurance, organising inspections and managing the team,” he said.  

“She pre-empts what I’m going to ask next and has usually already completed what I need done. 

“My Dad has been studying valuations at Deakin University externally and he’ll be joining the business next year when he finishes. 

“He’s always studying… but I like to have a bit of fun with him.  

“I’ll joke with him, ‘why haven’t you completed your assessment? You got it weeks ago and left it to the last minute.’”  

Jokes aside, Di Veroli said his Dad had already been out in the field, helping out with some inspections.  

On top of working together, Di Veroli, his wife and two kids had also been living with his parents while they renovate their home. Work life and home have been one in the same, he said.  

Di Veroli said he focused on making the entire business more inclusive and feel like a family.  

“Family comes first and then business,” he said.  

“You don’t get that time back, so business always follows. There will always be valuations to do.” 

His advice to valuers and other property professionals starting out in the industry was to find supportive mentors and workplaces.  

“Make sure you find a good mentor,” he said. “Work at a small firm where you can be nurtured, where people have the time to help you thrive.”  

“Find someone that will help you grow into a great valuer.”