The NSW Government has appointed Sally Dale as the new NSW Valuer General, becoming the first woman appointed to the role since it was created more than 100 years ago.  

Dale has extensive private and public sector experience in property valuation, in particular in rating and land taxation.  

She is also an experienced leader with a track record of delivering large scale organisational change.  Her experience includes acting as the Executive Director of Valuer General NSW.  

Dale will set the standards and policies for the land valuation system and the determination of compensation in the compulsory acquisition process.  

The appointment is for 12 months commencing on June 1, 2023 during which time a full and open recruitment process will be undertaken prior to the statutory appointment of a Valuer General for a period of seven years.  

The Hon Steve Kamper MP, Minister for Lands and Property, welcomed Ms Dale’s appointment.   

“Ms Dale’s experience, technical skills and industry knowledge made her an excellent choice as the NSW Valuer General,” Kamper said.  

“Since the role of NSW Valuer General was first created over a hundred years ago, Ms Dale is the first female to be appointed to this position. Whilst certainly overdue, this is a milestone to be celebrated.”  

The Hon Jodie Harrison MP, Minister for Women celebrated the historic appointment.  

“It is great to see the NSW Government continuing to deliver on its commitment to appoint women in more leadership positions,” Harrison said.  

“I congratulate Ms Dale on her historic appointment and I believe her knowledge and skills will be hugely appreciated in the role of Valuer General.” 

The Valuer General is an independent statutory officer appointed by the Governor of NSW to oversee the valuation system. 

The independence of the Valuer General ensures a clear separation between the impartial land valuation process and how state and local government use the valuations for levying rates and taxes or for determining compensation following the compulsory acquisition of land. It also enables a focus on quality, transparency and procedural fairness. 

Valuation NSW are the government agency established to support the Valuer General, which sits within the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE).