A financial super-app with 16 million customers worldwide has partnered with a leading global flexible space provider, becoming world’s first bitcoin-funded enterprise tenant.

Revolut’s partnership with WeWork will see the company take space for more than 300 employees at WeWork 6900 Dallas Parkway in Dallas – the hub for the company’s U.S. expansion.

Revolut will also be WeWork’s first enterprise member to sign new space using cryptocurrency, using Bitcoin, as it establishes its largest office yet in the US.

The bitcoin-funded enterprise tenant has adopted permanent flexible working, enabling the vast majority of its 2,300+ employees to choose when and how often they would like to work from home or visit the workplace.

As part of this plan, the company is implementing its innovative RevLabs real estate strategy to repurpose all offices as flexible collaborative spaces, taking space with WeWork in Berlin, Dallas, Dublin, Melbourne, Moscow, Singapore and New York.

RevLabs will be designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork, with around 70 percent of office space devoted to collaboration.

The new format will cater to rapid headcount growth and provide spaces for creative thinking, brainstorming, training and knowledge exchange – some of the face to face interactions that people have missed throughout the pandemic. There will also be quiet zones and space for meetings.

The first RevLabs space has opened at WeWork 222 Exhibition St in Melbourne.

Revolut global head of real estate Rhebecka D’Silva said the company is always looking to push the boundaries of innovation, be it in financial services or
workplace experience

“We’re excited to continue on our rapid growth trajectory with an innovative partner like WeWork that affords us the flexibility to pay using cryptocurrency – a technology whose future we vehemently believe in – as Revolut expands in the US and around the world,” she said.

Revolut chief executive Ron Oliveira said since launching the financial super-app in the US last March, the company has been consistently refining the product to offer customers across the country greater visibility and control over their financial lives.

“[We] remain committed to our U.S. expansion and we look forward to further growing Dallas as a tech hub through our new office space and hiring initiatives.”