Having recently been made a Life Fellow of the Australian Property Institute for his services to the industry, Mark Kay is a passionate and dedicated property professional.

Mark Kay LFAPI joined the API in 1989 and now has a valuation career spanning over 33 years.

Currently working as a DIT Senior Advisory Valuer at the Office of the Valuer-General South Australia, Mark has been heavily involved with the API for 20 years both locally and nationally, while continuing to serve on several committees.

He was recently awarded Life Fellow membership with the API in recognition of his service and passion for the wider property industry.

“Receiving the API Life Fellow award has been an absolute honour and humbling experience, being considered in the same company as the previous Life Fellows,” he said

“Through the API, I have met many specialized and elite property professionals, leaders, directors, and educators all around Australia with common passions. I have gained both personally and professionally from these interactions either on API committees or at API functions”

“I have no reservation in stating that the API has helped shape my career for which I am grateful.”

When reflecting on the most interesting and enjoyable valuations he’d completed, the “seven years undertaking valuations of all the Pastoral properties in South Australia” came to mind.

“These property inspections meant spending 5-10 days driving around the outback visiting and talking to pastoralists, camping out in swags, and cooking meals over coals. Basically, getting paid to do something enjoyable that many people pay to do on their holidays!”

When asked who he looks up to, Mark says he admires several prominent API Members who contribute greatly to the profession.

“Members like Clyde Eastaugh, Roy Farthing, Tyrone Hodge, Greg Preston, Rob Hecek (to name a few) who have I observed doing enormous amounts of work for the profession and others with little fanfare.”

Mark’s key advice to new property professionals is to ask plenty of questions and be prepared to listen and learn.

“Do not presume you already know everything and protect your reputation and personal brand. Adopt good time-management practices but set a healthy work-life balance”

“Always strive to better yourself and have an ongoing willingness to learn while playing nice.”