Builders and subcontractors are all suffering like never before. We never had so many bankruptcies and things are getting worse. In the past the Chinese developers and Chinese buyers helped us get the production and increased prices.

Now, things are tough in China, and most of the Chinese who came to build here have lost money. I don’t think we can depend on them anymore.

The market is very buoyant in Surfers Paradise from Main Beach to Broadbeach, but many projects have stalled. They have long delays and few are starting.

In Sydney, there is less and less built. The Minns government wants to help with allowing more apartments in some areas. But that does not help much. So far, it’s only talk.

People came from overseas to do build-to-rent, but they can’t make a profit because the costs have gone up so much. Many builders are broke. And the government does a lot of infrastructure work, especially in Brisbane because of the Olympic Games.

The government there pays high wages because their only desire is to get everything ready. So, it makes it very difficult for the private sector. And because so many projects have been started, there will be more bankruptcies.

To fix these problems, the attitude must change, and only all of us together can make it happen. The biggest problem is NSW’s planning department – which lives in its own cocoon.

Things must change – and it would only take a few steps.

For starters, in Sydney, approvals must be given in six months, like elsewhere. While councils make rules, they have no idea of costs or sale prices. They just want improvement. But this makes it dearer and dearer to build at a time when the bad builders have already been eliminated.

We know the banks are happy to follow the rules given by the government. But that is not enough. They know very well how bad the situation is, and they must open their mouths to help.

If so few people build, where is the profit for the bank, if their main income is housing?

As building dies off the income from developers is also evaporating. I note the main income for the government is from housing through stamp duty, land tax and charges for builders.

This is now dropping every year. And mining is not as buoyant as before, so less housing is resulting in less income for governments at a time when it matters.

Given all this, the Reserve Bank must not raise interest rates. It should not say, we may raise them, as people are scared. The needy are campaigning well for housing.

But they can’t have a solution if builders are going broke. Our politicians must open their eyes. If people fight to get accommodation, then they obviously want apartments.

Not giving permits to build must be bad for the politicians and these days being a NIMBY is yesterday’s rubbish.

Wherever we build people get freeways, supermarkets, shops, buses and railways.

Compare how prices rose in Parramatta and Chatswood, with the western city showing more development and prices moving up.

Even the NIMBYs will make money if they allow development their way.