Cube Developments will add electric car-charging systems into their developments to meet the soaring demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

The Sunshine Coast-based developer has partnered with Jet Charge to provide electric vehicle (EV) chargers to all of their projects.

The move comes as sales of electric cars doubled to a record high of 6.6 million in 2021, representing close to 9% of the global car market.

Cube Developments Director Scott Juniper said although only 5% of current residents drive EVs, he anticipated this to increase through the amount of EV enquiries they were receiving from prospective buyers.  

“The EV market share is ever increasing. More manufacturers are releasing new models, and charging stations are increasing in access,” Juniper said.  

“Renewable energy is a major focus for us, and a global focus in general, so we’re ensuring we make provisions for this in the future to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Juniper said Cube was actively rolling out other sustainable initiatives to protect Sunshine Coast’s environment and coastline, and that these types of systems would soon become commonplace in future residential developments.  

“We have installed solar panels in all of our developments to offset and reduce common area electricity costs, as well as installing sensor lighting in common areas,” Juniper said.  

“We’ve also installed water catchment and reticulation for all planters and garden beds where possible.  

“Our thoughtful building design also enables cross ventilation of spaces and window tinting to reduce heat and subsequently, minimises the use of air conditioning and ceiling fans.” 

The federal government predicted almost 90% of all new cars sold within eight years will be electric, fuelling a demand for more charging outlets, including within new residential developments.