You might be surprised at the depth of Australian proptech startups, with a plethora of new local companies delivering innovative products and new business models.

By offering new investment opportunities and the ability to anticipate the needs of clients across all facets of the industry, a successful proptech ecosystem hopes to build a strong, prosperous and efficient property sector.

Australia’s proptech economy continues to see venture capital, accelerator programs, and startups, with ANZPJ compiling the ultimate list of local proptech firms.

25 Australian proptech startups

1. Landchecker 

Founded in 2015  by a group of Melbourne-based property professionals, Landchecker was born out of the frustration of compiling data required to make critical investment decisions, which was scattered around countless websites and databases.

The team built an all-in-one source, of property information and data analysis tools, to help professionals and homeowners make informed decisions, faster.

Data displayed in Landchecker is provided from hundreds of trusted sources including state government, local councils and partners, and is monitored and refreshed daily to match source data – demonstrating the value of Australian proptech startups.

One new feature of the service is the interactive sales map, which allows professionals and homeowners to compare properties of interest in the area.


2. Forbury

For the past 15 years, Forbury has been working hard to provide tools for professionals to quickly and confidently determine the value of commercial real estate assets.

The company developed a set of user-friendly tools, taking the complexity and time-consuming nature out of property investment modelling, covering more of the market without additional resources and expense.

Forbury was founded by Steve Surridge in 2003 while he was consulting and building bespoke proprietary models in excel for the likes of Savills, JLL and Colliers.

Working hand-in-hand with the people on the ground, he was able to produce a tool to calculate all the variables at play.

Today, the company has a team of 26 taking care of our customers in the UK, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, with more than 600,000 valuation calculations made in Forbury every year.

Trusted by thousands of Australian property and legal professionals, The Search People offers the most comprehensive range of national property, company and consumer information at the lowest price, guaranteed.

Combining the latest innovation software with thousands of national searches, The Search People’s online platform seamlessly integrates more than 30 document management systems and electronic conveyancing solutions including eContracts, digital signing and PEXA.

The Search People partnered with the Australian Property Institute for the ‘Future of the Australian Valuation Industry’ report.

Finding that professional valuers believe Australia’s residential real estate prices will continue to rise despite serious affordability and sustainability concerns.

4. Valocity

In just six years, Valocity has connected valuers, brokers, and lenders in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Singapore, by delivering a globally-unique, cloud-based solution to transform the world of valuation and mortgage lending.

Valocity helps banks value a property more efficiently with a customisable digital platform, which automates the entire mortgage valuation process.

The platform connects the entire ecosystem of banks, lenders, brokers and valuers to streamline the property valuation process for lending and insurance.  Valocity technology delivers modular, scalable and customisable solutions that re-platform and transform legacy infrastructure to create seamless and relevant customer experiences.

Data capture throughout the process creates real-time insights, seamless workflow and conversion funnel optimisation, with machine learning and predictive modelling used to create leading edge models, portfolio bench-marking and continuous improvement, to drive improved risk management.

Valocity is streamlining and transforming the property ecosystem.

5. Archistar

Sydney-based Archistar revolutionises the way property professionals find, assess and design sites, and promises to transform long processes into a ten minute analysis.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Benjamin Coorey, Archistar originally began life as an education portal before transforming into a platform that helps property professionals find, assess and design profitable property development sites anywhere in Australia.

The platform uses parametric & generative design principles and data from Australia’s best property data partners, allowing clients to complete time-consuming research, assessment and design work within minutes using world-first artificial intelligence.

6. BrickX

BrickX is one of Australia’s leading fractional property investment companies, that allows investors too access real estate assets in small amounts – as little as $250.

These so-called “bricks” are being sold to enable Aussie’s to invest in the property market, with the signup taking a couple of minutes.

The Melbourne-headquartered company was acquired by venture capital and private equity investment firm Thundering Herd in 2019.

7. Bricklet

Bricklet offers a marketplace that allows buying fragments of property, rather than the entire property, simple.

It’s simple to get started with property investing with Bricklet property fragments, with users only needing to set up a Bricklet account before being ready to buy.

The purchase process is the same as purchasing any other property and is managed by a conveyancer. The purchase results in ownership of a Bricklet with the customer’s name on the property title.

8. Managed

In October, Managed, which styles itself as “the Airtasker of property management” secured ASX-listed REA Group as a minority investor.

Founded by former property managers, Managed helps property managers, landlords and tenants co-ordinate repairs and maintenance. Since launching in 2018, the company has signed up 5000 tradespeople and more than 105 real estate agencies looking to manage their rent rolls.

Managed takes a small fee on each successful job, with the company hoping to make a more connected management experience for managers and tenants and better investor outcomes for owners.

9. ActivePipe

ActivePipe is the leading email marketing platform for real estate professionals, which can effortlessly automate tailored email campaigns.

Set it up once and ActivePipe nurtures your prospects along the funnel, connecting you with the best leads every day, allowing clients to spend more time selling and less time marketing.

The product works for both real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

10. Equiem

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Equiem is a global leader in tenant experience for commercial real estate.

With over 175,000 users across 9,000 companies, more occupiers use Equiem’s tenant engagement platform than any other in the market.

The product operates over 200 tenant experience platforms across a variety of asset types and classes – executing both technology and engagement services for our clients, all customised and tailored for each building.

Different offers a platform that facilitates and automates rent payment, organising tenants, maintenance requests, and house inspections.

The idea came from husband and wife duo helping their retired parents get their finances in order. The financial review uncovered their parents had been been paying a property manager, what seemed like an “obscene amount of money” in fees for the past 20 years.

“In the meantime, their property manager had changed every few months, sometimes with no notice, and they weren’t getting real value for their money,” the company explained.

“That’s when we realised, it’s time for a change in property management. So, we’re redefining it. Our incredible team is focused on delivering an amazing service enhanced with intuitive, easy to use technology.

12. MadeComfy

The business idea came in 2015, after co-founder Quirin asked Sarina to help manage his Airbnb in Cremorne Point while he was travelling overseas, acknowledging he needed local support to manage bookings and deliver his guests a five-star experience.

After seeing how property management benefited her friend, Sabrina thought about turning this idea into a revenue-generating initiative.

MadeComfy is now a property management and hospitality company specialising in short-term rentals.

Headquartered in Sydney, with extended operations in Melbourne and Brisbane, MadeComfy manages Airbnb rentals to help property investors improve their rental yields.

The company offers a complete end-to-end service package that includes marketing of the property, managing the rental process, coordinating cleaning and linen change-over, and acting as the primary contact for guests.

13. Instarent

More than 150 tech investors jumped on a recent seed funding round for property management platform Instarent, pouring more than $313,000 into the company.

Instarent is an app targeting property investors who self-manage their properties – it connects landlords with tenants by replicating many of the functions a traditional property manager would traditionally provide.

The company currently hosts over 500 properties and is adding 100 new properties every month.

14. Upside Realty

Upside Realty calls itself the country’s largest fixed-fee agency, offering a full-service property sale with an experienced local agent, for a fraction of the cost.

“By rethinking the way property is sold, keeping what works and changing what doesn’t, we are able to charge sellers less without compromising on any part of the traditional real estate offering,” the company explained.

“We are simply working smarter. We charge a fair fixed fee for a job well done.”

15. Yabonza

Combining people and technology to maximise your investment property return is the motto of Yabonza.

The company’s property management platform enables property owners and investors to manage every aspect of their rental property, from finding tenants and rent collection to routine inspections and conducting maintenance.

Although based in Sydney, Yabonza has local property experts to look after your property inspection reports and open for inspections. The networked group of partners are the company’s eyes and ears on the ground.

16. Soho

Soho offers a property network platform, where real estate agents can connect with sellers, buyers, and renters.

The Sydney-based firm also provides an online marketplace that can be downloaded as a mobile app, where users can list their properties for free.

“With a Tinder-like matching feature, the more you swipe the better your matches,” the company explained.

17. REALas

The Melbourne-based start-up was acquired by ANZ in 2017 and uses proprietary algorithms to provide accurate price predictions of properties listed for sale, including those sold in auctions and private treaties.

The start-up recently teamed up with RMIT University, property experts and buyers to bring more accurate price predictions on properties listed for sale in Australia.

On average, REALas predict within 5.4 per cent of the sale price.

18. Joust

Considered a major disrupter in the mortgage market, Adelaide-based Joust is an online marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers.

The tool is free and non-committal, and helps borrowers find affordable home loan rates – Joust is a clever addition to the list of Australian proptech startups.

“Through our open and transparent competitive process, we help you uncover the most suitable home loan products and lowest rates based on your individual profile and needs, potentially saving you thousands,” the company explained.

19. RealAR

RealAR combines Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to convert floor plans into walkthroughs that can be used onsite or remotely.

The app appeals to volume home builders and off-the-plan investors, as well as home buyers.

Based on Gold Coast, Queensland, the app allows customers to understand room-size and layouts quickly and cheaply.

20. Listing Loop

Listing Loop is the online marketplace for off-market property opportunities.  Even Aussie NBA star Andrew Bogout sees the value in this proptech, by becoming a first-time investor.

Founded by Mornington Peninsula-based entrepreneur Rhett Dallwitz, the tool works by alerting registered buyers to off-market properties on its database which match their search criteria.

Sellers list their property free – through an estate agent – and only pay a commission (of 0.22 per cent) if a deal is done through the platform.

21. Inspace VR

This virtual reality start-up helps architects and builders eliminate costly errors and design flaws through virtual inspection prior to construction.

Founded by tech entrepreneurs Eric Fear and Justin Liang, Inspace is already being used by Charter Hall for the developer’s $1.2 billion Wesley Place commercial project in the Melbourne CBD. Folkestone, Macquarie Bank, JLL and CBRE also use the service.

“Inspace doesn’t just bring your projects into VR. Our in-built tools let you interact and explore your model in virtual reality so that you can get all your work in one place,” the company explained.

22. Vendorable 

When looking at the landscape of Australian proptech startups, Vendorable has to be mentioned. The real estate services platform that connects property owners with estate agents, property managers, real estate brokers and real estate agents.

Vendors can list their properties online to acquire an agent, with agents tendering to compete for the job, allowing a transparent and competitive market.

“Vendorable’s mission is to organise the world’s real estate industries. To achieve this, Vendorable is connecting real estate industry participants in a new service delivery environment,” the company explained.

23. Next Address

Julie O’Donohue was in Ballarat walking her dog, reflecting on a her own and a friend’s real estate experiences – both unpleasant, filled with poor service and advice, minimal communication, no control or trust and high costs.

One major problem for her had been the property valuation. Her property had been over-valued by more than 20% and then marketed by three real estate agents at this price or just below. The result – the home was on the market for over six months.

Next Address was born, with the algorithm connecting property buyers and sellers on a simple dashboard. Another great product on a growing list of Australian proptech startups.

24. Proply

Proply is web-based app for real estate agents and property managers to send proposals straight to vendors and landlords.

The platform is user-friendly and customisable, with the ability to create interactive proposals from a variety of stylish templates in just minutes.

Proply is used to by the likes of LJ Hooker, PRD, McGrath, Harcourts and Realmark.

25. Build-Apps

A list of Australian proptech startups wouldn’t be complete without Build-Apps.  Build-Apps is a strong believer that building performance data accessibility and independence is essential, with the company offering the ability to centralise the built environment data in a way that is organised and accessible within Microsoft 365 environment.

The software changes the outdated tradition of operational data of buildings being stored on external, fragmented and inaccessible platforms, empowering portfolio owners “to own, control and govern their own data” relinguishing reliance on data service contractors.

Build-Apps is uniquely placed to provide application solutions for the built environment through a dedicated team of solution architects, software developers and real estate professionals, helping to on-board specific building performance data of property portfolios.