Australian proptech companies are continuing to emerge with innovative products or new business models developed to enhance the real estate industry’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

A successful proptech ecosystem aims to build a strong, prosperous and efficient property sector by offering new investment opportunities and the ability to anticipate the needs of clients across all facets of the industry.

Australia’s proptech economy is growing at a tremendous rate, with the significant increase of industry engagement, venture capital, accelerator programs, and startups.

​Five Australian proptech companies leading the way:


Founded by a group of Melbourne-based property professionals in 2015, Landchecker was born out of the frustration of compiling data required to make critical investment decisions, which was scattered around countless websites and databases.

The team build an all-in-one source of property information and data analysis tools to help professionals and homeowners make informed decisions, faster.

Data displayed in Landchecker is provided from hundreds of trusted sources including state government, local councils and partners, and is monitored and refreshed daily to match source data.

One new feature of the service is the interactive sales map, which allows professionals and homeowners to compare properties of interest in the area.


The main benefit of the map function is to allow the data to be seen in context.


For the past 15 years, Forbury has been working hard to provide the tools for professionals to quickly and confidently determine the value of commercial real estate assets.

The company developed a set of user-friendly tools, which can take the complexity and time-consuming nature out of property investment modelling, while also allow more of the market to be covered additional resources and expense.

Forbury was founded by Steve Surridge in 2003 while he was consulting and building bespoke proprietary models in excel for the likes of Savills, JLL and Colliers.

Working hand-in-hand with the people on the ground, he was able to produce a tool to calculate all the variables at play.

Today, the company has a team of 26 taking care of our customers in the UK, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, with more than 600,000 valuation calculations made in Forbury every year.

Forbury claims it was “developed by valuers, for valuers”.

Trusted by thousands of Australian property and legal professionals, The Search People offers the most comprehensive range of national property, company and consumer information at the lowest price, guaranteed.

Combining the latest innovation software with thousands of national searches, The Search People’s online platform seamlessly integrates more than 30 document management systems and electronic conveyancing solutions including eContracts, digital signing and PEXA.

The Search People partnered with the Australian Property Institute for the ‘Future of the Australian Valuation Industry’ report.

It was found professional valuers believe Australia’s residential real estate prices will continue to rise despite serious affordability and sustainability concerns.


In just six years, Valocity has connected valuers, brokers, and lenders Australia, New Zealand, India, and Singapore, by delivering a globally-unique, cloud-based solution to transform the world of valuation and mortgage lending.

Valocity helps banks value a property more efficiently with a customisable digital platform, which automates the entire mortgage valuation process.

The platform connects the entire ecosystem of banks, lenders, brokers and valuers to streamline the property valuation process for lending and insurance, with Valocity’s cloud-based technology delivering modular, scalable and customisable solutions that re-platform and transform legacy infrastructure to create seamless and relevant customer experiences.

Data capture throughout the process creates real-time insights, seamless workflow and conversion funnel optimisation, with machine learning and predictive modelling used create leading edge models, portfolio bench-marking and continuous improvement to drive improved risk management.

Valocity is streamlining and transforming the property ecosystem.

Valocity is streamlining and transforming the property ecosystem.


Build-Apps is a strong believer that building performance data accessibility and independence is essential, with the company offering the ability to centralise the built environment data in a way that is organised and accessible on the customers’ own servers.

The software changes the outdated tradition of operational data of buildings being stored on external, fragmented and inaccessible platforms, which made portfolio owners reliant on service contractors to manage data.

Build-Apps is uniquely placed to provide application solutions for the built environment within the 365 Microsoft environment. The dedicated team of solution architects, software developers and real estate professionals help with on-boarding of specific building performance data of property portfolios.

Find out more about proptech at the Australian Property Institute’s National Property Conference, which will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on from October 13 – 15. Registration are open and early bird prices are available until 17 August.

Nominations also remain open for the “Innovation” category at the Excellence in Property Awards.